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Furlough FAQs

In response to the new and updates guidelines for the current furlough scheme, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help employers and employees understand their rights to claim and to unpick some of the grey areas that may be cause for confusion.

Join the digital revolution

Why developing a digital marketing strategy is so important for SMEs

In a time where technology is playing a more prevalent role in our activity day by day, from personal use to the workplace, the need to focus on your individual digital marketing strategy is ever apparent.

Come back stronger

Staying happy, healthy and resilient during lockdown

As we plunge into the colder, darker months and adjust to another state of isolation, we must prioritise self-care and remain vigilant with regards to taking care of our mental health.

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Skills for Growth - SME Support open for business

Skills for Growth - SME Support offical launch amid COVID-19 lockdown to assist to help 4,000 SMEs reskill their workforces and develop 17,000 individual skills plans to help Greater Manchester employees reskill and maximise their potential for the future.