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GM Skills Map

GM Skills Map helps thousands of people access millions of pounds worth of fully funded training

Thousands of people working at businesses in Greater Manchester have been helped to take part in millions of pounds worth of fully-funded training thanks to GM Skills Map.

How to Optimise your Email Marketing

In this article, we discuss 3 ways you can instantly improve your email marketing campaigns to start seeing better results, including more opens, more clicks and more conversions.

How to Create High Converting Display Ads

In this article, we will walk you through some of the best ways to increase your display ad performance and create high converting ads. According to Google, display ads only have a click-through rate of 0.05%. This is of course very low, but with the following tips you’ll be able to create ads that far surpass this underwhelming average.

4 Tips to Stay up to Date with Emerging Trends

Keeping your marketing up to date can be a tricky task, but it is also an important one. To reach the biggest potential audience with your marketing, it must be relevant to current trends.

5 Tips to Increase your Followers on TikTok

TikTok reached one billion users in the third quarter of 2021 and is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2022. With this huge userbase, comes the opportunity to get your brand in front of millions.

How to Recruit using Social Media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and particularly LinkedIn offer recruiters a great opportunity to connect with potential candidates who may otherwise have never been discovered through more traditional means. Read this article to find out more about how to utilise social media recruitment.