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Climate and Sustainability

Cut Carbon Cut Costs Webinar Series

Free webinars help businesses cut carbon and cut costs

Businesses in Greater Manchester can get expert advice on cutting their energy bills - and their carbon emissions - at a series of free webinars.

Skills for Growth - SME support is running four Cut Carbon, Cut Costs webinars in November and December.

The UK's Engineer Shortage puts Net Zero Targets at Risk

The UK plans to reduce it’s greenhouse gas emissions and become net zero by 2050. To achieve this however, the UK needs a large workforce of skilled engineers to build a more sustainable future.

GM Clean Air Zone

In this article we examine the changes, exemptions, innovations, and support for businesses in the leadup to the launch of GM’s Clean Air Zone in May 2022.

Top Tips to Reduce Emissions

We've teamed up with our colleagues at GC Journey to Net Zero to bring you our top tips to reduce emissions at zero cost to your business.

Nature, Wellbeing and Productivity

Our surroundings effect all of us in different ways, but there are proven, scientific links between the natural environment and our personal wellness. In this article, we’ve invited Health and Wellbeing Specialist Felicity Brown to curate a guide to the importance of nature and environmental action in the workplace, demonstrating the benefits for your team and your business.

Retrofit: Powering the Future of Greater Manchester Sustainability Agenda

Retrofit skills will power the future of Greater Manchester's sustainability agenda for 2038 with 15% of UK emissions caused by inefficient properties. Read on to find out more about Retrofit Certification.