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Live at Elliot House, Manchester

Build the Future with Apprenticeships

Join Skills for Growth - SME Support with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Greater Manchester Combined Authority as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2022 on Wednesday 9 February and discover how Apprenticeships can accelerate growth in your business.

Fully funded business support for SMEs

Equip your business with the skills for growth

Skills for Growth – SME Support is a fully funded skills consultation service tailored to help upskill employees, improve productivity and drive business growth. Our expert skills consultants work at your pace to help you grow your business by identifying skills gaps, developing your talent and enhancing your team’s performance.

Learn more about our support for businesses and find out how we will help you grow your business through skills development.

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Explore our services

Tailored business support

Explore our tailored support for individual sectors and business needs.

GM Skills Map

Search thousands of fully funded and commercial courses from top training providers in the region with GM Skills Map, our purpose-built training course directory and learning management system. 

Specialist support

Learn to improve productivity by embedding wellness into your company culture, or get help with all things apprenticeships through our specialist support service tailored to your needs.

Sector specific support

Explore skills, training and support services specific to your business industry or sector. Get access to fully funded course packages to expert driven workshop sessions.

Workshops and events

Sign up for our tailored workshops and events, led by experts, bespoke to the needs to SMEs in Greater Manchester. We run regular workshops, seminars and live events throughout the year.

Dedicated skills consultants

Skills Coaches

Account managers, consultants, advisors? We call them Skills Coaches, and they're the friendly team who'll guide you through your Skills for Growth - SME Support programme every step of the way.

Once you have registered for the programme, you will be assigned a dedicated Skills Coach who will remain with you throughout your journey.  They will work with you to identify skills gaps within your business as well as helping you develop a practical action plan to upskill employees and accelerate growth throughout your business.

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Start your Skills for Growth Journey Today

Apply for Skills for Growth - SME Support and start upskilling your team today