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Essential Skills – Upskilling Your Workforce in Basic English and Maths

There are some skills that are needed to be able to do any job effectively, of these skills, basic English and Maths are amongst the most essential as they are the foundation for other skills to be built upon. Upskilling your workforce in these essential skills can have a range of benefits as this can equip your workforce to be able to do even the smallest of tasks more efficiently.

Top 3 Screen Skills

Understanding the essentials of how to use a computer is incredibly important in making yourself employable in today's world where computers are so widely used across a variety of jobs. Read more to learn about our top 3 screen skills you should familiarise yourself with.

Top 10 Certifications for Employees in 2021

We're counting down the Top 10 Certifications for Employees in 2021, with information from the GMCA Skills Observatory.

What Essential Skills Does an Apprentice Need?

No matter what industry you want to become an apprentice in, there are some skills all apprentices need to have to be successful. Find out what these skills are from our very own marketing apprentice.

Financing Beyond Government Grants – Prepare your Business

With the furlough scheme coming to an end later this year, many businesses will be looking elsewhere for support as they begin to reopen and recover from the impact of the pandemic. Let’s take a look at what support there is for businesses in addition to the Skills for Growth - SME Support offer, which businesses can take advantage of as the government grants start to dry up.

Men and Mental Health by Peter Craen

To raise awareness for Men's Health Week, our colleague Peter Craen shares his own experience dealing with Mental Health in the workplace.

The spirit of Volunteering in Greater Manchester

Let's take a look at the spirit of volunteering in Greater Manchester and what role the voluntary sector will play as we rebuild from the pandemic.

Graystone Action Sports Case Study

From forced closures during lockdown, this is Graystone Action Sports story of how they used their downtime to build employee skill sets and grow their business back stronger in 2021 with our support.

Securing the Future Workforce for Your Business – The Leisure Sector

The leisure sector has been one of the hardest hit sectors by COVID-19, with most leisure businesses being forced to completely shut their doors during lockdowns. It is only recently, as restrictions begin to loosen and life begins to regain some sort of normality, that these leisure businesses have been able to reopen and start operating again, albeit with some extra safety measures in place.

Customs Connect Case Study

"Our position as an attractive employer was not just defined by our business growth, but that we are devoted to building confidence in our employees." Read about Customs Connect's developments in 2021.