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IT and ecommerce

Top 3 Fully Funded Training Certifications in 2022

Looking to advance your Microsoft skills in Power point? Excel? SharePoint? Teams? Word? One Drive? This is an advanced course more advanced understanding of why we use IT, the potential of using IT and the knowledge and usage of the systems , tools an platforms. - Learn more​

Are you looking to advance your Excel skills? To use data to inform your business and planning? Do you need to advance your reporting skills? Our 3 week flexible course will give you the skills and knowledge to do just that! - Learn more

Whether in personal life or at work, cyber security awareness and governance is crucial to all people. The digital revolution offers tremendous benefits, but also brings with it new threats that we must understand and overcome, given our increasing dependence on cyberspace. It's time to learn more about cyber security, the threats, awareness, governance, law and to plan for such events. - Learn more

IT and ecommerce Courses

At no cost to your business, with as little or as much support as you need for up to 26 weeks, we are here to help get your team upskilled in their IT & ecommerce skills and ready to support the realisation of any and all your future business goals.

We bring you: 

  • dedicated Skills Coach offering 1-1 support and advice
  • Bespoke business diagnostic to identify skills gaps and growth opportunities
  • Individual skills and career development plans for your employees
  • Support in Health and Wellbeing and Apprenticeships
  • Exclusive access to GM Skills Map and 760+ fully funded Training Modules
  • Plethora of Workshops, Webinars and Events


New Courses (Fully Funded)

NEW courses are being added to the GM Skills Map each week so take the time to review and search what's on offer.

24% of our Skills for Growth SME Support clients* report hard-to-fill vacancies.

*Skills for Growth - SME support programme | Results below are based upon >760 responses from businesses in Greater Manchester, submitted during August to December 2022