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Employee Burnout

Burnout, Boreout and how to fight back

Google searches about 'Burnout' have been rising steadily in the UK year on year, and the pandemic has only added fuel to the fire. Here we look at the 3 types of Burnout and how to fight back!

man in a warehouse with children's toys

Top tips for creating a parent and carer friendly workplace

Get our top tips for creating a parent and carer friendly workplace here! A must-read for all SME business owners and leaders looking to increase employee wellbeing at work.


GM Skills Map launches to help futureproof Manchester workforce

Learn about GM Skills Map, a new initiative from the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme, aiming to help bridge the gap between Greater Manchester learners and training providers and encourage futureproof workforce development in our city.

Africa Al's African sauces market stall

Grant Funding and Support for SMEs in the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Sectors

This article explores grants and funding options available to SMEs in retail, leisure and hospitality and how Skills for Growth – SME Support can help you gain access to the support you need.