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Business diagnostic

Getting to know you

Your dedicated Skills Coach will want to get to know everything about you – your business, your goals, and why you came to us for help. Using that information, they’ll check your eligibility for the programme and help you get registered over the phone.

Unique to you and your team

Tailored development plans

Your coach will take a deeper look at the skills gaps and growth potential within your team and formalise this as a tailored productivity plan for your business, and individual learning plans for your employees. Coming from all reaches of Greater Manchester and beyond, with sector-specific experts also available in the team, they know the business landscape of your local area inside out, and are in the best position to advise you.

Purpose-built for SMEs

Access GM Skills Map

Your coach will activate your exclusive GM Skills Map portal and help you familiarise with the key platform features such as the course directory, learning management system and integrations. It's a comprehensive platform so don't worry if you're struggling to find your way around it, you can call on your Skills Coach at any time for assistance.

> Explore GM Skills Map

Consult the experts

Access specialist support

Get a referral to our specialist support team, with experts in Apprenticeships, Health and Wellbeing and GM Skills Map. They’re here to help you bring the best out of your team, and your Skills Coach can help you get introduced and start working closely with them.

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> More about Health and Wellbeing Specialist

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