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Career trajectory

How well do you know your people? Who’s looking to pivot their career within your organisation and explore redeployment? Which of your employees is looking to upskill and take a step up the ladder? Who is working in fear of redundancy? 

Skills for Growth – SME Support has set out to help over 7,700 individuals across Greater Manchester to broaden their career horizons and future-proof their skill set through a wide range of training and courses.

Develop your team with skills

How we can help?

We have a friendly team of Skills Coaches eager to help you fulfil your personal #SkillsRevolution! We work closely with employers and employees to develop bespoke skills and productivity plans for each individual, to help you work towards your business goals for the future. Elevate your career with training and development, explore grant funding and financial support to help you achieve your goals, and discover innovative new learning and development courses to prepare you for tomorrow’s world.

Speak to one of our Skills Coaches about your current situation, your goals and aspirations and we will work to develop a bespoke productivity plan to map out your course of action.

Using your productivity plan, we will find resources, networks and support services available to help you achieve the goals outlined.

Once you and your Skills Coach have defined the next steps, we will then begin making referrals to partners, training providers and relevant authorities to put the plan into action and get you working towards your goals with a real sense of purpose.

Upskill yourself

Benefits to individuals

Your employer may have all the right intentions to help you upskill and grow, but they may not have the relevant support to action that. We can help you map-out your goals and get your employer on board with the right support and scope to move forward, highlighting some of the benefits available to individuals registering with the programme:

A dedicated Skills Coach will assist you to understand your need

Both at the top level for teams and on an individual level to help employees achieve career and business aspirations

Working on your roadmap to promotion or redeployment

Building transferrable skill sets

Containing thousands of bitesize learning sessions for you to grow

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