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Inspire, Motivate, Empower and Create Change on National Careers Week

Together we can take action and inspire the young people of the future by producing resources and guidance on the options available for their career journey on National Careers Week 6th - 11th March 2023. 


What is National Careers Week #NCW23?

National Careers week (#NCW23) is a week dedicated to sparking the interest and making young people aware of the options and opportunities available for their future. With the recent focus on Apprenticeships during National Apprenticeship Week at the start of February, National Careers Week can offer SMEs the perfect opportunity to inspire and attract future workforce talent and raise awareness of their business activities.


Skills For Growth

Our Skills for Growth programme is working with Greater Manchester SMEs to fill skills gaps by upskilling employees through training, to improve productivity and business growth. Now celebrating over 10,000 participants on the Skills for Growth programme, the results so far have highlighted the importance of continued learning, training and development for future success.

Participation in the programme offers benefits such as Apprenticeships, Flexible Learning and access to a eLearning platform, there's opportunities for all.  

Apprenticeships with a 80% work to 20% training structure, this is an attractive career option for all ages. This structure leads to a rewarding career as it develops the skills, knowledge and access to expertise gained from working alongside experienced staff.  Find out more about Apprenticeships here


Virtual Learning - our training courses have been shaped to work around the demands of both the employees and the sector requirements. With day masterclasses, group workshops and on-site learning, there's accessible and flexible course options fit around business activity. 

eLearning Platform - with bitesize, flexible course options, our eLearning platform offers ongoing enrichment and development. Courses can be paused and restarted to work around the individual learning styles and requirements. Find out more 


Get Involved in National Careers Week 2023

  • Attend the Virtual Careers Fair
    Starting on Monday 6th March 2023, the Virtual Careers Fair will go live on day 1 of National Careers Week at
    This Virtual Careers Fair was the response to the pandemic, and over the past two years, there has been over one million views of sponsor pages and content during National Careers Week.

  • Create and update the Careers Page on your company website  
    Dedicate a section of your company website to careers opportunities, featuring resources, case studies and FAQs for visitors to access further information about your business. Ensure that the content is crafted around the young audience, by using easily digestible formats such as video, this can educate future workforce potential. 

  • Social Media Posts
    Join the conversation around National Careers Week on social media, by using the hashtag #NCW23. This will help you to broaden your social media reach outside of your normal sector activities. Visit the dedicated National Careers Week website to get shareable social media content click here 

  • Contact your local education providers
    Expand your business network by taking the time to contact local Schools, Colleges and Universities. At this time of year, students are considering their next steps for their continued learning and development.

  • Visit Greater Manchester’s Dedicated Events
    Search Eventbrite to see what local events are happening near you.

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Skills for Growth - SME Support

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