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Networking, connecting and training leads to £1 million worth of business sales for Bolton based Leisure Guard Security.  

Proving the value of attending networking events to not only expand business networks and establish local connections but to ultimately lead to the generation of an incredible £1 million worth of sales, thanks to the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme.


Securely positioning the Leisure Guard Security for continued business success  

Bolton based Security Services Company Leisure Guard Security offers security guards for domestic, industrial, and commercial contracts. At a time when security is becoming an increasing priority for some businesses, Leisure Guard wanted to ensure that they were well positioned within their sector by utilising all their available business channels, to drive their growth strategy and raise the awareness of the Leisure Guard brand.

After attending the Best of Bolton business event in 2021 which led to Leisure Guard Security meeting Skills for Growth – SME Support Skills Coach Jo Whitehead and starting their journey on the Skills for Growth – SME Support programme. Leisure Guard Security were keen to take advantage of the fully funded and partially funded course options available on the GM Skills Map. With over 2000 courses available, the GM Skills Map is Greater Manchester’s online portal for showcasing the learning options available to businesses and matching the course providers with their employees.

The Skills for Growth - SME Support programme’s primary aim is to identify skills gaps in businesses workforce that are preventing a business from achieving growth and success and recommend training that will bridge this gap. Working together with Leisure Guard’s appointed client contact Toby Hodgkiss, Jo performed an initial assessment of the Leisure Guard business which revealed their desire to strengthen their marketing communications and activity across their business channels, to take advantage of business opportunities that were being missed across social media.

From a workforce perspective, Leisure Guard identified the employees who would benefit from the chance to upskill and develop through training. The completion of an employee analysis by Jo meant that there could be an alignment between the business skills gaps and the career aspirations of the employees.

Jo used her insight, experience, and knowledge of the GM Skills Map to recommend social media marketing training options that matched Leisure Guard’s requirements and would be conducted at convenient times and accessible locations for the employees.


Nurturing, upskilling and developing one of their strongest assets.  

Leisure Guard Security already enjoyed high levels of employee retention, but the additional Social Media training enhanced the company’s commitment to one of their strongest assets, their workforce.

Employees from across the office team who were responsible for the management of the company’s social media channels took part in the Social Media training including the Facebook Blueprint Course.

"These courses don’t just instil the knowledge gained from the courses themselves but also help build confidence, trust and responsibility with both parties knowing exactly what each person is gaining from their experience. I have to say as one final note the help and support we have had throughout has been exceptional and really enhanced the whole experience with a special mention to Jo Whitehead and Jonathan Crabtree. Thanks again and look forward to carrying on in the new year” (Toby Hodgkiss, Project Manager, Leisure Guard Security) 



The Results: A customer centric approach delivers spectacular sales figures

  • The completion of the courses has enabled Leisure Guard Security to better understand their target audience and deliver social media activity that is audience-centric and carefully timed. This approach has led to an increase in engagement across Leisure Guard’s social media channels, but most spectacularly generated sales equating to over £1 million.

  • The value-driven content approach has enabled Leisure Guard to establish a thought leader status within their sector. This has been achieved by publishing content that provides useful information, insight, and advice on subjects that they have a strong affinity to, and where their security knowledge can assist in the formulation of a solution.  

  • The completion of the training has delivered an impressive return on investment and has laid strong foundations for continued workforce training to lead to continued business growth.


“It has been a pleasure to work together with Leisure Guard Security and play our part in achieving outstanding results for the business. The Skills for Growth SME Support programme identified and filled the skills gaps and led to the increased productivity and effectiveness of their social media channels. This just proves how the Skills for Growth SME Support programme can drive business growth and achieve outstanding sales and engagement results for Greater Manchester businesses.” (Jo Whitehead, Skills for Growth – SME Support Skills Coach)


The Future: The continued positive impact of the Business Growth Hub

The impact of the training activities on the business has resulted in further opportunities to invest and enhance the workforce, which will have a positive effect on retention and recruitment.

Following their completion on the programme, Jo’s extended knowledge of the support available from the wider Business Growth Hub has enabled her to add value to the interaction by introducing and connecting Leisure Guard Security with other areas of the Business Growth Hub, Bridge GM and Account Management options to support the achievement of their continued business objectives.

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