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Welcome to the #SkillsRevolution

This is your journey, your movement; and we're here to support you through it now and set you up to continue developing in the future.

So, welcome! We hope you find this experience valuable and enjoyable. You may not know this, but the information we learn at Skills for Growth - SME Support will contribute to improving access to workplace training prospects for SMEs in Greater Manchester by providing data and information to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority that will inform future policy and funding allocation to adult education in the region. In other words, the Skills Revolution is here to stay.

Your individual experience at Skills for Growth - SME Support will take you on a journey over the next 26 weeks that might involve employee development, changes to your business strategy and structure, but whatever you choose to make of it, your dedicated Skills Coach and Specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

We have developed this toolkit to help you communicate to both your employees and your customers about the changes you'll be making with our support, and we hope that this proves useful to you and your team.

This pack includes

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Web/Email Stamp
  • Social Media Pack
  • Newsletter Pack
  • Health and Wellbeing exercise for your team

Communicating with your team

Use these resources to communicate your commitment to skills, training and development, and the empowerment of your team, through the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme.

How & when to use our brochures?

These resources are designed to give you and your employees a wider scope of the support available to your business through the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme. Attach via email, send the website links or download the files as PDF to suit your needs.


Progamme Overview

Overview of Skills for Growth - SME Support

Information for Membership Organisations

GM Skills Map for SMEs

Support for Individuals


Specialist Services

Apprenticeship Specialist Service

Health & Wellbeing Specialist Service

How & when to use your Newsletter content?

We've compiled a series of bulletins that you can use to post via email to your employees and internal stakeholders to inform them about your journey on the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme.


Newsletter Mailshots

Newsletter Images


Note: This content is ready for you to copy and paste into your email system (Mailchimp, Outlook etc.), with the accompanying images provided.

How & when to post your social media content?

Download your social posts with accompanying images and animations to help you spread the word about your journey through the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme. These images are optimised for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Social Media Posts

Social Media Image Suite


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How & when to use your digital stamp?

Upload to your website footer or embed in your email signature to demonstrate your commitment to workplace learning and employee empowerment. 


Digital Stamp (Colour)

Digital Stamp (White)


Note: When pasting the stamp into your email signature, or posting on the Home page of your website, remember to link it back to so that others in your network will know where to go to access our support too. Thank you for flying the flag and showing your support for the #SkillsRevolution!

How & when to use the calendar?

The de-stress challenge calendar is a fun team-building exercise to help improve the general wellbeing of individuals within your organisation.

Pick a positive behaviour or habit to nurture your physical, mental, environmental, emotional and workplace wellbeing each day and use the calendar to journal your experience over the course of one month. At the end of the month, reflect on how your routine has changed and how the changes have affected your overall sense of wellness. 

You can use this calendar to challenge yourself or your teammates and use it as a discussion point around health and wellbeing.


De-stress Calendar PDF


Note: If you're not already working with our Health and Wellbeing Specialists but you'd like to improve wellness within your team, ask your Skills Coach for a referral today.

Head to your portal

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Skills For Growth is the podcast for businesses in Greater Manchester.

In each episode, our host Andy Hall speaks to industry insiders and the people on the ground creating the opportunities of the future, to find out exactly how you can put yourself and your business in the best position to ensure growth, financial resilience and a happy and healthy workforce.

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